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VS Hop, by Chris Sims and Matt Wilson: Movie Fighters

$1. We talk about Hop.

The jellybeans are his poops.


Our next movie is the Easter film Hop! We hated it!

If you haven’t seen the movie, those jellybeans are his poops.


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It’s worth noting that as of right now, SEVEN of the eight “You Tell Us What To Watch” rewards ($100) have been claimed, which is a truly terrifying prospect. There’s one left, so if you want to get it and have us watch, I don’t know, Big Trouble In Little China or something, that would probably balance out the sheer horror that we’re undoubtedly facing from the others. Someone even said they’d make us watch Frozen

Also, over 40 people have signed on for the special LIVE EPISODE tier, where you can watch along with Matt and I as we watch Shaft (2000), where Samuel L. Jackson throws a police badge like a ninja star in what is unquestionably the greatest scene in cinema! Keep in mind that we won’t be releasing this episode anywhere else (or recording it at all, I don’t think), although we will try to work out a good time for everyone who donates so everyone can watch it as it goes. The only way to get it is to hand over that sweet, sweet cash!

Thanks for getting us up to three grand so fast, folks. Here’s hoping we can make the rest of the goal soon!

A few hours later, and we’re inches away from halfway. All the “tell us what to watch” rewards are gone (the last taken by the ominous Senator Robert Kelly).

Thanks for the support, everyone! Please keep sharing and linking, and hopefully we’ll get there!

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We're on Kickstarter!

We’ve been doing Movie Fighters for almost a year now, and it’s been a great time.

However, we’ve heard quite a few complaints/fielded quite a few questions about the delivery system we currently have through Bandcamp. It’s…not the best system for distributing podcast. It can be a bit of a headache.

So we’ve started this Kickstarter to fund a year’s worth of Movie Fighters. If we’re successful, we’ll start posting every episode on iTunes, Stitcher and though an RSS feed.

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VS Mortal Kombat Annihilation, by Chris Sims and Matt Wilson: Movie Fighters

This week, we’re returning to our Fighting Game Movies series one last time to watch the truly ridiculous sequel, Mortal Kombat Annihilation!

Hear Chris and Matt disagree about whether the movie is beautifully trashy or just trash! Hear the things that made us laugh uncontrollably! Hear Chris be completely unable to remember the name “Sindel.”

All that and more for one buck!


VS Cutie Honey, by Chris Sims and Matt Wilson: Movie Fighters

In our newest episode, we challenge our final live-action anime adaptation, 2004’s Cutie Honey!

Spoiler warning: It is a whole bunch of nonsense. But it’s fun.

Download now for just $1!